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Living in a time of industrial revolution, the poor of society struggle daily with terrible living conditions, whereas the rich continue to prosper, often at the expense of the less fortunate. Archie Roker is a well-off teenager living with his father, a prominent, world-renowned surgeon, who is personal physician to the Queen. Having everything he desires, Archie still feels trapped in his life. He only sees his father weekly due to work commitments and spends the majority of his time in his splendid home with Kate, who is the house scullery maid and Ms Buddington, his governess. A series of unusual events, with masked, goggle-wearing strangers and a mechanical raven - along with incredible technological devices this word has never seen - take Archie on a journey beyond his wildest dreams. Visit the world of Alium, the steampunk world; a place where freedom and technology work hand in hand and encounter the evil force that is Imperium - a group of the most influential figures in society, who control everything without anyone knowing. Join Archie on his journey to find the truth about his past and which side his loyalties will lie - Alium or Imperium.

Chris Allton - Children' s Author

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